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Get the portuguese citizenship based on ancestry / grandparents / parents

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 Citizenship procedure to recover the Citizenship for your lineage.

This is a procedure that works in steps. 

Basically, it demands that you and the law office inform and proceed to all registrations that happened to your family along the generations.

The case starts with getting the birth certificate from the Portuguese person. We can help with that in case you don't have it already. 

Process 1: Marriage registration of the Portuguese person to wife/husband

1. Births certificate from Portugal 

2. Marriage Registry - to be obtained and apostilled.

3. Birth certificate from the non-Portuguese with apostille

4. Power of attorney 

5. Passport copy

Process 2. Registration of descendent birth born on the registered marriage

1. Registar Birth Certificate apostilled

2. Passport Copy

3. Power of Attorney

4. Parents marriage registered (obtained Process 1)

Process 3. If needed to register more family generations process must be continued via marriage + birth registration follwoing same steps above