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Portugal Embassy Legalization Services

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The Foreign Embassy Legalization Service is required when sending legal documents to a country that does not recognize The Hague Apostille Treaty.

In such cases, your legal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, university documents, property documents) require a more rigorous process of authentication certification.

Our law firm performs searches on your behalf, obtains the papers, translates them and coordinates with foreign embassies to ensure proper vetting.

The foreign embassy in Portugal that you will need to contact is listed here.

As is the case with the apostille, authentication certification requires the original documents. Though this process is more involved, the turnaround time is still approximately one week.

We use a courier service with tracking capability so we can be sure that your important documents are not lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Foreign Embassy Legalization Services do your Law Firm Provide?

Clara Silva Costs Lawyers is able to perform searches, obtain your documents, translate them and manage the legalization with relevant embassy/ies.

What are the Fees Associated with the Service?

There is a fee for the embassy dependent on which one you need additional fees are charged  for the foreign affairs. Translations are charged per word or page.

How Can I Know If The Embassy I Need Exists?

A list of embassies within Portugal and current contacts is available here.

Does Clara Silva Costs Lawyers Need the Original Documents to Provide the Service?

Original document are needed in order for the task to be performed. If you don't have a copy of the document you need, we will need the best possible references you can get. For example on a birth certificate, we will need the full name of the newborn, parents, place of birth and date of birth.

How Long Does the Service Take?

The turnaround time is approximately one week.

How are the Documents Returned? Is It Safe?

We used a courier service with tracking capability so we can be sure your important documents are not lost.

The Process Works in Three Simple Steps.

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By answering a few questions by email, we can determine the type of documents required. You can then scan and send us the documents and advise the destination country.

Review and Consultation

We will review your documents and check if the service can be done. You will be invited to send the documents.

Receive Completed Package

Your completed case will be delivered to you to the provided address.