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Clara da Costa
Lawyer - Attorney at Law

Clara Silva da Costa, Lawyer, Portuguese Bar Association number 45229L.

Degree in law at Autónoma Law School.

Member at the Portuguese Bar Association

Graduation in Registries and Notarial Practice - Autónoma Law School.

Graduation in Labour law - Católica Law School.

United Nations Law and Justice Research Institute, Legal adviser until 2011

Private Client Lawyer since 2009

About the Service

In areas such as Portuguese tax law, which are critical to our clients' decisions to reside or purchase property in Portugal, we work seamlessly with like-minded professionals, with the same standards of client-service culture and international exposure. When clients request our input in other areas (e.g., drafting of wills, employing domestic staff, business, or urban planning law, for example), we collaborate closely with the most suitable consultants. We may remain involved in the engagement of external lawyers, acting as project managers, but we are equally happy with stepping aside, though keeping a watchful eye. We believe that what goes around comes around anyway.

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