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Upon becoming a Portuguese citizen, the law does not require you to obtain a Portuguese passport, just a Portuguese Citizen Card which is a general ID card. However, there are some benefits to applying for a Portuguese passport together with the ID card for international travel.

Portugal permits dual nationality, for instance and there are several options for immigrant residents to apply for a Portuguese passport without giving up their original passport. As Portugal is a European Union (EU) member nation, a Portuguese passport allows its owner to travel around the world as both a Portuguese and an EU citizen.

Portuguese passports are issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado). In 2006, the Portuguese government began issuing electronically enhanced passport (Passaporte Eletrónico Português – PEP) with improved security features audiometric information. All standard Portuguese passports are now PEP.

To be able to issue an ID card and a passport you will need your portuguese birth certificate.

To issue both you need to visit a government office after you make a booking to be able to pay the governemt fee and pick up the ID card and passport in Portugal.

Usually this procedure takes between 2 and 5 days.

An aplicant needs to apply first to the ID card, then pick it up when printed and later apply for the passport and one day after picky it up.

The procedure is not user friendly and may aplicant reply on help to complete the procedure. Speacilly when they do not speak portuguese and don't want the hassle of the need to always be at the rigth place on the right time without knowing the exact procedures.

The Five Types of Portuguese Passports:

1.    Standard Portuguese electronic passport (PEP), issued only to Portuguese citizens,

2.    Diplomatic Passport (PD) issued to officials on diplomatic business,

3.    Visa for Foreign Citizens (PCE)issued to stateless individuals granted the right to reside in Portugal and valid for two years,

4.    Special Passport (PES) given to Portuguese officials assigned to specific administrative functions,

5.    Temporary Passport (PT) issued under emergency circumstances and valid for up to one year.

You can submit your application for a Portuguese passport at any of the following sites:

1.    The offices of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF),

2.    The Portuguese Citizen Shops,

3.    The Portuguese passport shops in the Lisbon and Porto airports,

4.    The administrative offices of the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira,

5.    In Portuguese consulates around the world.

We can be of assitance and escort you while you're in Portugal, to obtain the ID card and passport.

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