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Minors Born to a Naturalized Portuguese Parent

Portuguese Citizenship for Minors

All children under the age of 18 (or disabled dependents) born to a naturalized Portuguese parent, have citizenship from birth. However, if the child was born before the parent obtained citizenship, the parents must provide documentation of their marriage and the child's birth. The following items are required.

Required Documents for Children Born Before Parent Became Naturalized Portuguese Citizen

The first step is for the parents to register 'their marriage with the Portuguese civil registry. The second step is for the parents' to register the child's birth with the Portuguese civil registry. Once those steps are accomplished, the application is ready for submission. The application must contain copies of the following documents:

A. Portuguese parent's birth certificate; and

B. Non-Portuguese parent's birth certificate with an apostille; and

C. Marriage certificate with an apostille; and

D. Minor's birth certificate with an apostille; and

E. Passports from both parents and the child; and

F. Formal assignment of Power of Attorney to a representative from our law firm, if necessary.

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