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Eligibility Requirements forPortugal's Blue Card

Applicants for a Portuguese Blue Card must:

1.  Possess a valid work contractor a binding offer for highly qualified employment, with a duration of at leastone year;

2.  Meet Portugal's minimum salary threshold;

3.  Present all certifications thatmeet Portugal's legal criteria, for both regulated and unregulated professions;

4.  Provide valid traveldocumentation, visa application, visa (if necessary), and current residencepermit or long-term national visa (if appropriate);

5.  Demonstrate proof of healthinsurance (or copy submitted application).

Also, applicants for Portugal's bluecard must not pose a threat to public safety in the view of the state.Applicants might be required to provide proof of their Portuguese address ofresidence also. The Portuguese Blue Card costs between €100 and €250. Themaximum processing time for a Portuguese Blue Card is 60 days.

Minimum Household Income for Portugal's Blue Card

The gross annual salary from eitherthe monthly or yearly salary, as specified by the hiring contract (or otherbinding offers of employment), must Portugal's salary threshold (usually atleast 1.5 times the average gross annual salary). For 2018, for example,Portugal set its minimum salary threshold at €580/month. Portugal doesn'timplement labor market tests on their blue card applicants.

The blue card is usually valid inPortugal for a period of one year. However, though an EU blue card is initiallyissued for a period of one year, it can be subsequently renewed for two yearsat a time.