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Real Estate Due Diligence Support

The real estate market has transformed in recent years, quite radically. Many vacant properties do not have enough market value for their commercialization. This situation leaves the owners with little choice except to become landlords, in a reasonable attempt to monetize their assets, regardless of their experience or the risk they undertake. The mediation of legal professionals is, therefore, necessary.

Advantages to Leasing Portuguese Property

Leasing your property allows you to retain it while withdrawing an income from it. Real estate property is an investment. A leased property represents an investment with a monthly profit, whereas leaving a property vacant has several drawbacks. If the property deteriorates it will depreciate over time, incurring expenses. The income earned from leasing, on the other hand will, in time, cover maintenance expenses as well as the original cost of the property, by steadily adding value to it. Deliver the management of your leases to our law firm, relieving the anxiety of managing the problems that will inevitably arise.


1.    Selection of the tenants.

2.    Arrangement of the lease agreements and registration.

3.    Collection and transfer of rent to the owner's account.

4.    Administration and update of accounts.

5.    Management of home insurance.

6.    Supervision of renovations and repairs.

7.    Administration of tenants'complaints and claims.

8.    Attendance in assemblies and legal matters as the owner's proxy.

9.    Appraisal of the property after the expiration of the lease contract, or in case of termination.

10.  Adjustment of contracts for water, electricity and gas utilities.

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