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We are a law office located in Lisbon, Portugal

What's the process for getting a NIF in Portugal or a Portugal Tax number?

Send us an email here if you would like assistance on this: info@cscadvogada.com

Here's an outline of our process:

1. Sign Power of Attorney

2. We submit your request with the Portuguese tax office

3. Receive your NIF

5. Receive your password for the Financas website

7. Update your Portuguese address & cancel our tax representation services

What is fiscal representation and why am I being charged for it?

In order to provide our NIF service, there are actually two services that we need to offer:

1. Requesting the NIF with the Portuguese tax office

After you place your order, one of our lawyers will submit a NIF request on your behalf. This is a one-time service and after you receive your NIF you will not need it again.

2. Fiscal Representation

In order for our law firm to request a NIF on your behalf, they must be elected as your fiscal representative in Portugal. This is done by signing a Power of Attorney which is provided to you after you place your order.

As your fiscal representative, our law firm can request a NIF on your behalf and has the responsibility of ensuring that you receive any notices from the tax office.

A fiscal representative is able to offer other legal services as well, but the services included with fiscal representation are limited to acquiring a NIF and forwarding any messages from the Portuguese tax office.

Once you elect a fiscal representative, the only way to remove that person's responsibilities is by assigning a new fiscal representative. For our customers, that usually means assigning themselves as the fiscal representative after they move to Portugal. We include 12 months of fiscal representation when our customers order a NIF. For most people, this gives them enough time to acquire a residential address in Portugal and cancel ongoing fiscal representation services.

Alternatively, if you're not going to become a tax resident of Portugal then you can elect a different fiscal representative to cancel our ongoing fees.

What documents do I need to apply for a NIF?

You will need the following documents in order to complete our order form:

1. Copy of Passport*

A high-quality, scanned image or photo of your passport. *EU Citizens can use their National ID Card. Photos of both sides of the ID must be provided.

2. Proof of address

A document that serves as proof of your residential address outside of Portugal, usually an utility bill.