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Portuguese Citizenship via Naturalization – Legal Residence For 5 Years

Legal Residency in Portugal


Five Year Minimum

An individual who has lived in Portugal as a legal resident for a minimum of five years can apply for citizenship, this is usually the case of the golden visa holders or EU citizens that are living in Portugal or D7 residence permit holders.

This individuals need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language and active ties to the national community. Moreover, the individual can have no convictions for a crime with a jail sentence of three or more years. An individual married to a Portuguese citizen can apply after only three years of residence, but must likewise demonstrate language proficiency, social connections, and no substantial criminal background.

Steps for Obtaining Legal Residency

To become a legal Portuguese resident, the applicant must first have obtained a long-term residence visa, which will allow up to a four-month stay. The applicant can then later apply for a Portuguese residence permit, which can be renewed every two years for up to five years. At this point, the individual can apply for either permanent Portuguese residence or naturalization as a Portuguese citizen. There are many similarities  both permanent residents and citizens have the right to travel and work in the European Union (EU). However, there are notable differences too.

Permanent Resident or Naturalized Citizenship?

Both may:

. engage in full or self-employment (without a work permit);
. earticipate in academic study;
. access retirement benefits and pensions; and
. Purchase real estate.
Only Portuguese citizens, however, have the following rights:
. vote in national elections and referendums;
. hold a Portuguese passport;
. secure EU citizenship; and
. live, work, or retire in any other EU member state.

Preparing for Naturalized Citizenship

. Applicants for citizenship must submitthe following documents:
. a birth certificate (if possible);
. proof of proficiency in the Portuguese language;
. a current passport or travel identification;
. circumstances regarding the current residence permit;
. details concerning the date and place of birth;
. profession;
. current place of habitation, and a list of nations of previous residency;
. a record of criminal history; and
. a legal document proving legal residence in Portugal for the requisite time.

How to get citizenship after the 5 years Portugal's Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a unique Portuguese program devised to increase foreign investment in the country. The program expedites the visa process for international investors from non-EU countries. if they purchase Portuguese real estate or invest an established minimum value. Provided applicants for this program meet all the specified conditions, non-EU national's can receive Portuguese residence permits and later apply for full citizenship after 5 years. Get in touch in case you fall into this category.

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