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Portuguese Nationality for Individuals Born in the Former Portuguese Colonies

Portuguese Citizenship and the Former Portuguese Colonies

Decree-Law 308-A/75

Specific guidelines exist concerning the procurement of Portuguese citizenship for individuals connected with:

· Brazil
· Cape Verde
Portuguese India
Guinea Bissau
·East Timor
São Tomé and Príncipe

Portugal ratified the 24 June 1974 Decree-Law 308-A/75 to address the matter of Portuguese citizenship for those born or living in the overseas Portuguese territories that had gained independence. The assumption was that these persons would take the citizenship of the new state. The Decree-Law thus merely stipulated that Portuguese citizenship would be retained by those persons who had been born in Portugal but lived in one of the colonial territories. This law also applies to those who, though born in the colonial territories, had resided long-term in Portugal. All those not covered by one of these situations  lose their Portuguese citizenship ex lege.

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