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The real estate market has completely transformed in recent years, implying that many vacant properties do not have market prices for their commercialization. As such many owners have become or will become landlords by force, in the reasonable attempt to monetize their assets, despite the lack of knowledge and fear of risk. The intervention of professionals is absolutely necessary.

The Advantages of Renting to the Owner

Leasing your property allows you to maintain your property and withdraw an income from it.

When leased, the property represent an investment with a monthly Income. When vacant, the property represent only an expense.

Leaving the property vacant has several drawbacks. There is a risk that the property will degrade and depreciate over time involving several expenses, for example condominium and taxes with no income counterparts.

The income earned from a leased property may cover part or all of the expenses incurred in the credit obtained to purchase the property and may also cover conservation expenses, avoiding depreciation due to lack of maintenance.

Maintenance and conservation expenses, condominium expenses and Municipal Property Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre imove IMI) are deductible from property income (rent).

Deliver the management of your leases to our law firm, reliving the anxiety of managing the problems that will inevitably arise.

Available Real Estate Services:

1. Selection of the tenants.

2.  Arrangement of the lease  Agreements and registration.

3. Collection and transfer of rent the owner’s account.

4. Administration and update of account.

5. Management of home insurance.

6. supervisor of renovations and repairs.

7. Administration of tenants complaints and claims.

8. Attendance in assemblies and legal matters as the owner's proxy.

9. Appraisal of the property after the expiration of the lease contract or in case of termination.

10. Adjustment of contracts for water, electricity and gas utilities.

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