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Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, N183, 1 Esq, Lisboa, Portugal
We are a law office located in Lisbon, Portugal
Our practice areas
What we do and what can you expect from us

We have over 10 years experience in various practice areas.

We’re a boutique law office located at the Lisbon Business district -Avenida Antonio Augusto de Aguiar. This location is known for having the highes number of law offices per square meter. The reason is due to the proximity to most of the public services: tax department, immigration department, registries office, courts, post offices, etc.

Full service law office

Although we’re focused in the areas described above, we provide assistance in others areas too.

Our work proposition is very different from that of multi-partner law firms: we believe your private lawyer is not inter-changeable with a junior associate, another partner in a law firm or whoever is available. A private client lawyer is not defined by the areas of law covered, nor the number of partners involved or the size of the supporting staff. What is key is the personal relationship of trust forged between the lawyer and the client. It is taking ownership of your matters .You don´t need a large firm for that. You only need the lawyer you trust to be fully and unwaveringly dedicated to your needs.In areas which fall outside of our expertise, we have the know-how and independence to suggest the right lawyer for your matter. We are not constrained to recommend someone just because we work at the same law firm. We believe in horses for courses.

Main Areas

We are dedicated to the legal needs of foreigners connecting with Portugal, either through citizenship, residence or purchasing property. In areas such as tax planning we have like-minded trusted partners from whom we demand our standards of accountability and service. We are also able to help in other areas (such as the drafting of wills or the employment of domestic staff), collaborating with the best advisors across legal areas.

Our focus

Advising individuals with an international footprint accustomed to best-in-class service requires combining legal expertise with real world experience.Our clients’ legal needs are of premium value either for personal or financial reasons. This implies caring beyond the call of duty and hand holding so that they feel they are our most important client.