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Macau was considered a Portuguese region until the entry into power of 1976s Constitution, more precisely April 25th, 1976. According to law, Macau was classified as a territory under Portuguese administration that was administrated by a special status to their special circumstances.

The transfer of sovereignty from Macau to the People's Republic of China was scheduled to 20 December 1999 through the Joint Declaration on the Macau territory. On 21 November 1981 - when Law NR 37/81 went into power on the region, all those born in the territory were considered Portuguese, whether or not the parents were Portuguese, outsiders, stateless, of unknown nationality or incognito.

Important facts for citizenship

After the entry into power of the new Nationality Law, only those born to a Portuguese father or mother began to be considered Portuguese.

The territory was incorporated into China on 20 December 1999.

However, with Portuguese legislation, residents of Macau who, having Portuguese citizenship on 19 December 1999, holded a Portuguese visa, may keep on to use it after that date.
Dissimilar to Portugal, China does not admit dual nationality but maintains a position of resilience towards its nationals who keep up or acquire Portuguese nationality, if not by association with the domain.

With the new Nationality Law, only Macanese born to a Portuguese father or mother started to be considered Portuguese. In addition to these, Macanese qualified for Portuguese nationality.

The foreign women married to Portuguese nationals until November 21, 1981.
Naturally, their relatives, born after 20 December 1999, reserve the right to Portuguese nationality.
To procure Portuguese citizenship, Macanese who meet these requirements must register their birth in the Portuguese civil registry. So If you are thinking to register you should seek advice from your lawyer.

After the Portuguese citizenship is recognized, you will acquire a citizen card and additionally issue a Portuguese passport, one of the most powerful high ranking in the world. Portuguese identification gives access to travel freely in Schengen countries and the UK, no need for a visit visa.

To get the birth certificate of my father or mother born in the Macau territoy before the transition.

Key Points

When parents apply for Portuguese citizenship for their minor child, (under 18 years of age), your kid does not need to be present at the consulate.

No need to visit Portugal for this procedure. This can be taken care by using a power of attorney.
Acquiring Portuguese citizenship is a long procedure that can take as long as a while.

We will be gald to consider your case and examine the documents you already have.

Don't hesitate to mail us with your questions. Kindly scan existing documents to facilitate the examination.