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Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship is akin to setting sail on uncharted waters, where each wave presents a new challenge, and each gust of wind carries the promise of opportunity. The allure of creating and managing a company is magnetic, offering the chance to mold ideas into tangible realities, to steer the course of one's destiny, and to leave an indelible mark on the world.

There are plenty of services for opening and managing the company namely

Commercial Registry Services

The Commercial Registry provides access to legal documents and information concerning the status of companies, partnerships, sole traders, and other entities. Through this service, various events such as formation and cancellation of entities can be registered.

Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registration

This certificate offers online access to registered entries and documents of businesses, companies, cooperatives, public undertakings, and other entities in the commercial register. There are three types of permanent certificates available.

Online Company Formation

With the Online Company Formation service, starting a company is made easy and efficient. No longer is there a need to physically visit a service desk. Whether it's commercial companies or civil law companies, incorporation can be done online anytime.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Guidelines in Portugal

Value Added Tax (VAT) is imposed on sales or services provided in Portugal.

Request for Criminal Record Certificate of Legal Entities

Request a criminal record certificate for legal entities.

VAT Consultation Service

Access information and check the VAT status of taxpayers online.

Electronic Notifications via ePortugal Applications

Subscribe to Electronic Notifications using Digital Mobile Key, Citizen Card PIN codes, and a smartcard reader. For company representatives, subscription to the Professional Attributes Certification System SCAP is required.

Request for Certificate of Company Name or Designation Admissibility

This certificate provides details about the entity intending to use a specific company name or designation, including its registered headquarters, legal status, and activities. Certificates are valid for three months and are required in various situations.

Request for Annual Accounts Certificate

The company's annual accounts compile accounting, tax, and statistical information. Submission details are stored in the Annual Accounts Database BDCA and can be accessed online.

Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registration Request

Gain online access to registries and documents of entities subject to commercial registry, including companies, partnerships, cooperatives, and state-owned companies. This certificate can be requested online and replaces the traditional paper certificate.

Consultation of Model 4 Accessory Obligations Proof

Access and consult the Model 4 Accessory Obligations Proof online.

Support for Job Seekers - Information

The Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP) offers various measures to assist job seekers in entering the labor market. These measures include support for entrepreneurship, traineeships, and compensation for low-paying jobs.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Refunds Guidelines in Portugal

Taxable persons (self-employed individuals and companies) may be eligible for refunds on Value Added Tax (VAT) paid in Portugal.