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We are a law office located in Lisbon, Portugal

About the service


From the full legal due diligence, through all aspects of transferring legal title of real property until completion, we assist our clients in navigating the process of buying real estate in Portugal. We strive to make this as reassuring as possible, bridging gaps in cultural and legal differences. We endeavour to build good relationships with property brokers and the seller´s legal advisors without ever losing sight of the independence required from a lawyer and steering clear from any conflict of interests.

Acting alongside with the main actors of the real estate sector we advise and assist a wide range of real estate operations, having the necessary resources and know-how to assist clients in their business deals, on both national and international levels.

With a well-known ability to integrate complex transactions, we handle all the life-cycle of the real estate property, from its acquisition, development, renting to financing, being present in all stages necessary to close the business deal.

Our coverage, geographic scope and approach allows us to support any real estate project, from the execution and contracting process of the transmission of any Real Estate assets, to structuring and negotiation of several Real Estate operations, with income security, sale and lease back, forward purchase, performing of Real Estate Due Diligences, and structuring of Real estate companies groups and Real Estate Investment Funds, as well as operations involving institutional investors. We are also involved in all construction industry sectors, which allows a network management of ideas and resources between the sectors. We also act in the forefront technological areas, such as the renewable energy, carbon reduction technologies, being constantly developing new concepts and contracting structures to meet our clients’ needs.