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We are a law office located in Lisbon, Portugal

About the service


From full, legal due-diligence through all aspects of transferring legal title of any real-estate property until the resolution, we steer our clients through various legal processes here in Portugal. We strive to provide a reassuring Service, bridging gaps in cultural and legal differences. We have built strong relationships with brokers and legal consultants without ever losing sight of the autonomy required to remain clear of conflicts of interest.

Alongside the principal players in the real estate sector, we advise and assist a wide range of operations. Having the necessary resources and know-how to assist clients in their business deals, on both national and international levels, our firm is the go-to in this field of the law.

With our well-known ability to integrate complex transactions, we handle the lifecycle of real estate property; from its acquisition and development to leasing and financing. Being intimately involved at all stages necessary to close the business deal requires a level of experience and dedication only we can provide.

Our coverage, geographic scope and approach allow us to support any real estate project, from the execution and contracting process to the transmission of any assets. We also structure negotiations for real estate operations including income security, transactions, leasebacks and forward purchases. This involves performing real estate due diligence and structuring real estate groups and investment funds, as well as operations involving institutional investors. We have extensive connections with multiple sectors in the construction industry, which enables us to network the management of ideas and resources that will bring your goals into focus. We also act at the forefront of green technology and scientific innovation, such as renewable energy and carbon reduction technologies. Futhermore, we keep up with developing news and trends to offer the best advice and promote the essential services our clients need