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About the service


The rapid globalisation of business, researching, investment, education and sports competition raises new and complex challenges for companies, organisations, investors and private individuals who intend to circulate without borders. Hence, it is absolutely essential for citizens and corporations to have specialised assistance in obtaining and renewing visas and residence permits, regardless of their purposes, namely tourism, business, education, work and research.

Our multidisciplinary team combines knowledge and local relationships with the global reach of our services, and providing specialised advice concerning the requirements and procedures for entrance, permanence, exit and removal of foreign citizens from national territory, as well as for the entrance and permanence of national citizens in foreign territories.

In the past few years, Clara da Costa Law Office has provided legal advice to international clients, including large corporations, governments and private individuals. We often deal with complex legal questions and restructuring projects, having an excellent relationship with the Foreigners and Borders Service and other public bodies.

This practice area is recognised by the main international directories.