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October 5, 2022

Taking into consideration the tumult of the past year, Portugal has taken hard hits, likethe rest of the world, but has held strong.

In terms of economic growth and real estate value few other countries in the world have faired so well.

And with recent progress in the Portuguese legislature, not to mention the initiative to strengthen the nation’s digital infrastructure, the future is quite promising.

In terms of investment, the question is whether allthese factors create the right conditions for you.

What is the condition of Portugal’s real estate market right now? The short answer? All the best indicators promise steady growth. For instance, this past June real estate valuations by the banks had already regained pre-pandemic levels. The longer answer has to do with the strength of Portugal’s ever-evolving infrastructure. Over the past twenty years the nation has attentively nurtured growth in several important sectors without sacrificing stability overall.

The Expat Insider Report 2019 had this to say about Portugal’s Quality of Life ranking,which placed it at number one: “Albeit improving by one place, Portugal doesn’t show any bigchanges in the subcategories.

The country has improved by three ranks for safety and security,specifically in terms of political stability — 81% rate this factor favorably, and one expat fromBrazil describes Portugal as “friendly and safe”. Portugal also shows better results across theLeisure Options subcategory than in 2018. The country gains five places for available leisureactivities, with 49% of respondents even being very happy with this factor.”Portugal’s Quality of Life, Global Peace, Health System, Cost of living, and Press Freedom all rank high.

The Cost of Living is amongst the lowest in western-Europe. Its Quality of Life, according to expats, ranks number one. This graph, published onInvestment Migration Centre, demonstrates how other nations rank alongside Portugal. Sometimes having a visual cue helps put things into perspective.