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February 13, 2022

Portugal is on track for an economic boom, even in fraught times such as these.According to several current investment indices, Portugal ranks high. Particularly, in the realestate market. If we take a look at the indices, then we get a good understanding of why.Portugal’s ratings when it comes to Quality of Life, Global Peace, Health System, Cost ofliving, and Press Freedom are all very high. The Cost of Living is among the lowest in westernEurope and Quality of Life (for expats) ranks number one.

But of course, before jumping into anything, one must stop towonder how real-world events, like the Covid-19 pandemic, should affect decision-makingstrategies, both long-term and short-term. Even in terms of this, prospects in the Portuguese realestate market, in particular, seem promising. The nation withstood the worst of the pandemicintact and, thus far, recovering steadily.

This is due to its strong social infrastructure andrelatively low population density. National economies, in many ways, fared as well as the typicalinvestor. If your investments were organized, diversified, and quick-thinking you are poised now to put your forethought into action. To quote the Investment Migration Centre, “whateverweakness you had before, it’s now a life or death situation for you.”Moreover, in the inevitable circumstance of further natural and economic crisis of a globalnature, Portugal has doubled down on staking a claim in the evolving technologies of the digitalworld.

Out of the accumulated data of 64 nations around the world, Portugal ranked 16th forDigital Life. As it has become apparent that industrial automation and AI is changing thecontours of the world’s workforce, Portugal has wisely planned ahead. This charts new territoryfor a nation, which has until recently, somewhat lagged behind the Digital Revolution.

As youprobably know, a “unicorn” is a tech business that investors value at $1 billion or more.Portugal has three, which in itself has already put it on par with the most tech savvy nations inthe world, ranking 9th (amongst the top ten) in this metric. The nation is, as mentioned above,plotting a blueprint to attract more.This kind of foresight, dogged resilience, and steady-handed navigation is what keeps Portugal alive and kicking, even when the storms hit, as they often will. Check out the links below andsee for yourself why Portugal remains such a promising prospect.

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